Welcome to the Farm

Back when we were young kids, we would often spend Sunday afternoons at Aunt Millie’s and Uncle Jim’s farm. It was a great place for a kid to just run and have fun, without all the distractions that we have in town.

A typical summer Sunday would be to load up in the car, and head down to the farm. It would seem like a long drive, but soon we would be on the old dirt road leading to the place. As soon as we turned into the drive, Jim’s 2 dogs would run around the house to greet us as we pulled in. Jim would be setting on the well platform, pipe ablaze, enjoying life. He would come out, open the gate, allowing us in and the dogs to greet us up close and personal.

Millie would come out of either the kitchen or the garden to welcome us, and soon we were running around the place. First we would check out the tractor, and all the other implements that were resting in the lot, then we would head to the barn to check on the cows and pigs.

Before you knew it, we were called in for lunch. My favorite was Millie’s fried chicken. We would fill our plates with chicken, garden fresh vegetables, and for dessert, one of Millie’s home made pies or cakes. Then of course, we would grab a few cookies as we headed back out the door to explore some more.

Time to check out the chicken coop, maybe gather some eggs and peek in the brooder house if Millie had some baby chicks to get raised up. Then, more than likely, we would head down to the pasture. Maybe the cows were back there by now, if not, the pasture was a place to explore, imaginations running wild.

It is safe to say that the farm was, and still is to this day, a special place for the Fromm Family. Today when we visit, it is those memories, and the new memories that we are creating for the younger family members, that makes the farm such a special place for us.

I invite you to follow this blog, as I share with you, memories from our past, and the farm, as Mom, and the rest of the family enjoys it today.

Pop and Don Don, our grandpa on Dad’s side, and my sister Madonna.

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