Country Road

I mentioned earlier, that the road leading to the farm has not always been a good road. When we would go to the farm as kids, it was one of the fun parts of the trip. Dad dodging potholes, watching the plume of dust out the back window as we drove down the road. While I don’t remember any real issues traveling the road, in it’s best condition, it wasn’t a good road.

I remember Dad’s stories about getting to the farm in bad weather. During the winter or a rainy period, as soon as they got to a farmhouse that was located just on the other side of the house in the picture, they would give Uncle Jim a call, and he would come down with his tractor and pull them down to the farm, thru the mud and muck. Sometimes, that was the only way they would make it. Sounds fun to me, but I am sure it was a royal pain in the keister back then.

Today, it isn’t even a dirt road. Oil and chip (you can count on having to clean tar off of your car during the summer), it is also a bit wavy. You could almost get sea sick on some parts. Still love the road though, it gets me to my safe place, where I can soak in some peace and quiet, listen to the birds and the insects sing, and otherwise reset from a week of work in the city….


2 thoughts on “Country Road

  1. caminitogirl December 3, 2022 / 3:19 am

    Love the story and pictures Bob


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