A Great Spring Day to Visit the Farm

I picked up a new to me camera body, I have always wanted to have 2 camera bodies, one with a longer lens on it, one that is better suited for closer work. Today turned out to be the perfect day, and the new camera was the perfect excuse to head down to the farm, as if I need an excuse to go.

Spring is starting to show up a little more, some of the smaller trees that are tucked in under the bigger ones, have leaves on them. The grass is nice and green and is getting close to needing some mowing. I did jump on the mower and ran up and down the road side of the ditch, just to check the mower out. As expected, ran great, and it is mowing well, can’t wait for everything to dry out a bit so we can hit that hard.

When I went back to the pasture, I had to park at the end of the lane, everything was extremely wet, couldn’t take a step without seeing water. Not a bad thing, there is plenty of moisture in the ground, need some drying and warm temps so the soil will warm up so planting can start. Won’t be too long now.

Speaking of planting, I texted Don (the guy that farms the place) the other day, wanted to see if I could hitch a ride with them when they start planting Mom’s place. I am happy to report that he very graciously gave me a thumbs up, so I am getting really excited for that. It might be a little later in the season, he will be planting soy beans this year. Anxious to see the planting process up close and personal. There will be pictures and I will tell you all about my experience.

Plenty of moisture so far this year. The creek is full and running well. It is always nice to see this much water, many times in summer, it will be dry enough to walk across without getting your shoes wet.

A full creek, a beautiful blue sky with fluffy cotton balls floating by, temps in the lower 60, hard to beat a day like that.

That big ole bright yellow ball in the sky was really showing off today, Love it, and I have to say that as much as I like snow and winter, I am ready for some warm weather and the smell of fresh mowed grass, and the smell of freshly turned soil. Awesome stuff.

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