Welcome to the Farm

Some of my fondest memories as a child center on our trips down to the farm to see Aunt Millie and Uncle Jim. We looked forward to the good food, and more than the food, we looked forward to the freedom to run and explore on the farm without anyone looking over our shoulders.

As we would drive up the drive, Uncle Jim would be sitting on the well platform, most likely smoking his pipe filled with Kentucky Club pipe tobacco. It was a corn cob pipe for sure, and it was a rare time to see him without it. From a distance, he looked a little like Popeye. Tall and slender, long chin, and always a big smile on his face. Then there were the dogs. If I remember correctly, one was maybe a cocker spaniel, and the other was just a hound.

The dogs would run out to the car to greet us, and Jim would open the gate and welcome us in. If Aunt Millie wasn’t tending to something on the stove or in the oven, she would come out of the house to welcome us as well. If she was in the garden, she would show off her latest bounty, much of it to be eaten at lunch time.

After lunch, it would be time to explore. Maybe start out climbing on the tractor, the plow and other equipment. Then we would maybe check out the corn crib, you never knew what you would find there. Then we would check out the chicken coop, gather some eggs if there were any, then grab a few mulberries off of the big tree in back of the chicken coop.

Life was simple and oh so good. It is a sad thing today, that so few kids get the opportunity to have such experiences. There would be a lot less screen time if they could.

This is just a taste of what this blog is about. Join me as I share with you, pictures {not many from the past, a few though, mostly pictures that capture the essence of what is the family farm today. There will also be recipes from Aunt Millie’s cookbook, and tidbits from when they started the farm. It will be a look back in time, it will be a reflection of what that farm means to this family.

Pop and Don Don (our grandpa on Dad’s side of the family, and my sister Madonna)

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