Teaching Don Don to drive the tractor

Oops, I made a huge mistake on this one. Originally, I said that this was my brother Jim. Mom saw the post and said, nope, that is Don Don, my sister (Madonna).

As I originally posted, one of the favorite parts of running around the farm, was playing on the tractor. I guess we can lay the blame on Pop and Uncle Jim. The picture is all the proof needed. They got Don Don going at a very early age.

As we grew, we found out that climbing around on, and playing on all the farm equipment was fun, and it turned out to be one of our favorite activities. Even later yet, Jim bought a riding mower, which he was more than happy to teach us how to drive it, not in mowing mode though. I remember driving around the yard many times. Maybe this is why today, I still enjoy mowing, at the farm…

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