The Urban “Family Farm”

I am truly disapointed. Don, the guy that farms Mom’s ground, called and offered to let me ride along as they planted Mom’s place. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, and I really thought I would pull it off this year. NOPE, not gonna happen, once again. I had some obligations come up on my real world job, so I had to pass. As I told Don, one of these days, the stars will align, and I will get my chance to ride along on the planting season.

Well, spring is also the time that my wife Susan gets her garden going. This year, I bought her 3 raised bed setups, hoping to make the gardening process a little easier. Over the weekend, we got them set up, and they are now awaiting the proper planting time (it has been a bit cool, and we have the possibility of another frost tonight. Won’t be long, we will be feasting on fresh produce from our urban “Family Farm”.

When you can’t make it to the farm…….bring the farm to town……..

4 thoughts on “The Urban “Family Farm”

    1. Not quite like going to the farm, but it is a good way to get your hands dirty. Can’t wait till we get to partake in the fruits of her labors.


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